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Last updated: Tue 19 Jan
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*Deaths caused by COVID-19 shown above are most accurately tracked in figure that count when COVID-19 appears on a death certificate. (Source: Office for National Statistics weekly series.)

*Tests with a positive COVID-19 result shown above are from labs run by Public Health England (PHE), NHS hospitals, and private "Lighthouse" labs. The figures are updated daily> Below shows the latest daily figures. The total for recent days are under-estimates because it takes some time for all the results to be published. Tests for everyone with symptoms were not available late May -- so treat early figures with caution. (Source: PHE daily update)

* Daily totals of local deaths are also available. Shown below, they count how many die with a month of having COVID-19. (Source: PHE daily update)

* Excess deaths provide the best way of showing the real impact of the pandemic. They take account of COVID-19 deaths not officially recorded, or other deaths caused indirectly, for example by isolation or reduced access to hospitals. See below a comparison of the average weekly death for the time of year in the last 5 years with deaths in 2020. (Source: Reuters calculation based on ONS average death and ONS weekly death series.) Deaths are derived from death certificates where COVID-19 is listed as a cause of death. Location is by place of death.

(Source: * Estimated new infections is a Reuters rough estimate based on a 1% infection fatality rate (IFR) [Most studies currently show IFR at 0.5%-1%] and average time from infection to death of approximately 3 weeks . The IFR will vary based on age distribution, so the number of infections is likely an over-estimate in the later stages of the outbreak when, in most areas, infection spread into care homes.

Notes - All estimates are unreliable in areas with only a few cases or deaths, e.g. the City of London.

- Additional data from Office of National Statistics; National Records of Scotland; Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency; Public Health England; Public Health Wales; Scottish government.

Data analysis and programming: Stephen Grey andRyan McNeill.